California with Outstanding In The Field.

In November Ben punctuated an arguably 'difficult' 2016 with a trip to California. 

Over the past 10 years OITF have led the way in Experience Eating. Travelling all over the Americas, feeding thousands of guests at hundreds of farms, telling stories at their tables and leaving nothing but memories. 

When the conversation started with these guys it was like talking to a celebrity! We were totally star struck!

Being in their company was going to be a truly inspiring prospect but we couldn't have ever dreamed how Ben's month in the States would allow us to gain so much strength is so many areas. 

Ben came home with a head of dreams, a diary of opportunities and one simple message for the team:

"Being good people, believing in what you do and doing it to make a difference". 

This has been the catalyst for so much going forward and allowed us to understand what it is we do, why we do it and how we will be able to reach our lofty dreams in the not so distant future...

Pictures are all Ben's and tell the story pretty well we think.