Heligan's lost Stories. Chapter one.

And so it begins! 

We are so proud to be a part of these wonderful gardens! The people behind them and the stories they hold are an inspiration to so many. So to be asked to light our fires, lay our tables and cook our food, has to be one if the best moment we have experienced in our business to date. 

The idea behind these events is to tell the lost stories of Heligan. Stories that leave you flawed us with total disbelief. We have heard a few so far and can't wait to cook for them! 

Our first event was on the coldest night this winter so far, we even had snow! The subject was Love but this was no valentine! Instead it was all about the love the people have had for the gardens over the years. Starting with the Italian garden, covering the obscure species that could only survive through the obsession that love creates and finally ending with the reality that love is stronger than all emotions and pushes us humans to achieve great things. 

So onto the food! Cooking from the gardens produce and livestock, gave us enough inspiration. We started with smoked roasted squash, wild spices and honey along side dirty Dexter carpaccio in rosemary salt and horseradish- straight off the coals. 

Inside the guests sat at our notorious long tables decorated with Italian lemons and rosemary. The guest ate by candlelight- A main of smoked Tamworth pork, cider poached leeks and pearl barley with grilled cauliflower, cheddar and 3 cornered leek. The real star was the braised rainbow chard with fried garlic and dried chilli, straight out of the garden that morning! We served a real Westcountry salsa verde with plenty of grated apple. 

Pudding was a simple showcase of roasted rhubarb, soft whipped cheese, hazelnuts and brown sugar, we even had time to forage some sorrel. 

Its a bizarre feeling when these events come to an end. The room has a collective, comforting sigh and you can see people have enjoyed a lovely meal but more importantly they have made memories that will last a life time.

Just like these gardens are more than a bunch of plants, our food is more than just plates of food. 

We can't wait for the next one!