Proposal for St Austell Brewery:

Live fire cooking for experience eating events and menu influence

Live fire cooking has steadily grown over the last 5 years to become one of the most important food trends this year and beyond. In tandem to this ‘experience eating ‘events have also become more important for brands to include as part of their offering.

Our businesses Woodfired Canteen, Woodfired Weddings and Ideas have led in these areas over these years both internationally and locally. We have supported MEATOPIA, Wilderness Festival, Outstanding in the Field and brought Nancarrow Farm to the wedding and experience eating market. 

Ideas have allowed us the ability to action vision by supporting in all areas from concept to execution. The team at Ideas have understood the commercial needs of a project but always supported the aim of the project just as much. It is this juggling of priorities that has allowed us to achieve goals in both finance and brand. Ideas are now a big part of what we do.
— Simon Stone. Hidden Hut

Our proposal is to offer our services in the form of consultancy to facilitate an offering for St Austell breweries pubs, hotels and restaurants. Our offering will cover all elements required to develop this concept. Equipment, fuel, installation, training, support on site, menu development, marketing strategy and future proof growth plans.

Simply put:

We can help St Austell have a world class live fire offering on a local level.

Bringing new audiences to your brand, utilising existing spaces to bring an exciting prospect for existing customers, showcasing St Austell products alongside live fire flavours will establish a sub brand that will increase awareness, turnover and opportunities for brand story telling.


(a). Initially we would deliver a workshop to you, showcasing a MVP, while introducing you to the setup, techniques and layout we would expect to work well in your properties. 


(b). After initial cook up we would suggest using 2017 to target specific houses that the concept would work well in. We can use these cases as best practice for the rest of the group. 

Ben smoke.jpg

(c). After this period we would establish a multi stream training plan for chefs and landlords. This will have a hierarchy to the training that allows the client (operator) to choose how involved they would like to be and therefore the depth of live fire skills they would learn.

Less skills = less cost. 

The training can take place on site at St Austell HQ or at the clients’ establishment. It will take the client through safe practice, fire management, menu design, cooking techniques and serving strategy.


Ideas involvement in our projects has led us to understand the culture of our business and help us motivate out teams to be the best they can be. We have seen staff retention increase by 12% over a year and more importantly, Ideas have helped us identify like minded people who make our team great. We approached Ideas because of there expertise in live fire cooking but it is there expertise in people that we have learnt the most from.
— Mark Parr. London Log Co

Once the client has completed a pre designated amount of training we would help them facilitate an event on site to show case these new skills.

An example event could look something like this:

-Live fire feast with local produce, long tables and paired beers-

Guests arriving to there favourite local with the chefs welcoming them! Nibbles passed around while a knowledgable landlord offers a drink on arrival to pair with the food. Guests chat across the fire and involve them selves with the experience. After a short while the guests are invited in to sit at long tables, laid up specially for the event. Food is plentiful and served to the centre of tables, guests share and break bread while local music plays. Pudding is served individually and the team are inspired to walk the room and meet there happy guests. 

-Whole smoked pig roast with live music and our ciders-

Like the 'Hog Roasts' of old! A local farm has provided a rare breed animal and the team set about preparing the fires for a long, slow cook. The smell of wood fire and roast pork fills the air while the firsts guests arrive to a festival atmosphere. Ciders are showcased and served from old trestle tables while the pork is carved on the spit, filling proper bread baps with house stuffing, burnt apples and the pork. A local band strikes up and the revellers head to the pub for an evening of old fashioned fun.

-Live fire cooking from around the world. Food and wine from our favourite fires throughout the old and new world.-

St Austell is proud to supply some of the best wine from around the world and the chefs are inspired to cook from these regions. Live fire cooking happens all over the world and offers a perfect way to pair regional cooking and wine. Tuscan, full bodied reds are matched with grilled lamb legs, anchovies and lemon, served with smoked tomato panzanella salads and ash roasted beetroots. Summery, delicate, sparkling wine from France is paired with the freshest, hot smoked Cornish mackerel, fennel and apple salad and toasted baguette with salty butter. 

-Ale and smoke festival- 

"Join us for our Ale festival and smoked sausage menu. Showcasing the best Ales and sausages we can find!" 

All day event with guests coming and going, enjoying a classic ale festival but with hot sausages being smoked above local oak, then sliced and served with house mustard. Perfect snacks or joined with hearty sides, served from the kitchen, a perfect feast to enjoy an evening of it. Guests can take away both ale and sausages to enjoy at home. Sausages are sold fresh in old wax paper tied with string. Locals wax lyrical about these festivals and can't wait to hear about the next one. 

Ideas has helped us set up a food offering with an honesty that has helped our brand future proof itself, we no longer make great coffee and ok sandwiches! We make great coffee and great sandwiches, pastries, cakes and brunch. All of this has led to increase in sales by 35% over a 6 month period and a GP OF 72%. We operate in a safe manner and we feel ready for the future trends because of Ideas influence on our managers and team members.
— Tom Sobey. Origin Coffee

The following is our rate card. We believe this will give you a good idea of payment terms for (a) and (b) with ourselves working together for the project fee to cover retention and (c).


Services (per team member)

Rate per day*

One off day rate


3 month retention - 1 day a week


6 month retention – 1 day a week


Bespoke projects

Individual quote based on project brief

* 7 hours work per day, travel and expenses in addition if required.  All costs subject to VAT.

We would like to be open and discuss terms with you. These terms would cover the project and the fees expected over the period and under the terms.