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Lost Stories of Heligan- 25 Years.

  • Lost Gardens of Heligan (map)

We have been on quite a journey bringing stories to life around our tables and we are so proud to be exploring the Lost Stories of Heligan through our food. We'd love for you to join us in the next chapter; which is sure to be as magical, flavourful and memorable as the last! 

This supper will be all about Heligan's recent history. It is the gardens 25th Anniversary and a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate Heligan's Heritage both in the stories and at the table.

Heligan's preservation of heritage produce has meant that varieties of vegetables that would have been lost are available to enjoy. Rare breeds that wouldn't fit to the modern farming techniques and expectations have found a haven on Heligan Farm and our approach to wood fire will give a perfect platform to celebrate this.

So, come and sit with us at our long tables, eating together and sharing truly amazing stories in a place that has inspired so many. 

Heligan will run a bar for the evening with plenty of interesting drinks showcasing Heligan produce. There will be a drink offered on arrival to get your evening started.