This is where we get to rant, rave and generally put our story down on paper.


Woodfired Weddings.

This is where we call it. The wedding industry is known for being fake and a rip off. We entered into it for this exact reason! To turn it on its head and bring the love back.

These blogs are our story in this world.


Woodfired Canteen.

Woodfired Canteen is almost mythical. Tables appear from nowhere, fires burn, stories are told, memories are made and just as the last coals die to ash all returns to normal. Here is where we tell the stories of these moments and share our journey making life time memories.



People, place and purpose.

The gritty stuff that makes us tick, pisses us off and pushes our purpose. These notes are from the coal face where we, every day, strive to make a positive disruption.