Goodfest 2019

Goodfest was a long time coming! We first heard about the plans two or three years ago. Since then we have had a few non-starts and close shaves but this was the year the ideas came to fruition.

In direct parallel to this timeline, the strength of a business’s voice - in terms of purpose - has increased exponentially. So, in the few years since we first heard about Goodfest, we (the business community) have been busy filling the mainstream media with stories about how doing things with purpose helps business growth and is often a better sign of success than just bottom line.

Goodfest was set to be a celebration of all things Good in business and we were so proud to be there.

Check out the list of speakers here.

Our role was to lay our table at the end of day one. One table for 100 guests. Speakers, listeners, doers and makers.

goodfest 01.jpg

Some of those talking are actual heroes of ours in business and elsewhere, so to be feeding them was a massive moment for us.

At the start of supper I (Ben) was asked to talk about our journey.

For me, talking in public appears easy but it is far from it. I take myself to a quiet place before and focus on three things I need to say.

These were super simple…


Who we are, Sammy, me and our amazing team. Our backgrounds - voluntary sector, hospitality, travelling pirate crew - that sort of thing.


We make life time memories. We do this because we want our impact to be more than just a plate of food. We conduct ourselves in a way that we are proud of - being good people and cooking good food. As in, food that is delicious, sustainable and affordable and management structures that are encouraging, nurturing and maternal. This all adds up to our sign of success: a business that adds to the energy rather than siphons it off.


This is the bit where we call them out, the guests. It’s all very well being in this privileged position but what are we really going to do about it?

Vision and no action is a dream

Action and no vision is a nightmare.

Without vision and action we have no integrity, and integrity is everything to leadership. We need business to lead the way in the positive change we want to see.

So what are you going to do about it?

I wasn’t booed off and the guests loved our veggie menu, especially the cauliflower!

goodfest 02 MR.jpg

After all the fires were out and the last dishes done, I had a strong sense that Goodfest was here to stay, not just a fest for doing good but a community that is stronger together and, if we commit together, then we can achieve anything.

goodfest 03 MR.jpg