Morocco. Beat Hotel with Berber&Q

The Beat Hotel was the home to some crazy poets and artists in Paris, right up until the 60’s. Its place in culture is concreted in some of the most important spoken word, jazz and art that our society has. Authors such as Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs were at the heart of it all.

Big shoes to fill.

The Beat Hotel festival is an off-shoot of an underground area at Glastonbury Festival. Its aim is to recreate the atmosphere and environment that gave us so much creativity and progressive thinking from the last century and beyond.

My role in all this was to simply support our good friends at Berber&Q. Hanging out with old friends cooking food we love and helping to create a space where lifetime memories can be made: I’m all over it!

The festival was set up at the Fellah Hotel, just outside of Marrakesh.

IMG_2001 MR.jpg

A beautiful place, mud walls and horizon pools. Lush.

IMG_2002 MR.jpg

The Berber menu was all off the fire, typical flavours of Morocco down with that east London edge.

IMG_2019 MR.jpg
IMG_2026 MR.jpg

After the festival we headed deep into the Medina of Marrakesh and honestly, this is where our lifetime memories began. I love the chaos, the smells, the aggressive enthusiasm. I’m truly at home in these environments.

IMG_2063 MR.jpg
IMG_2100 MR.jpg

We ate, listened, watched and generally topped up on authentic experiences.

Now I’m home and the tan is fading but the memories are still bright and our menus are full of the inspiration from the hazy spring nights.

IMG_2014 MR.jpg

Next chapter for this friendship is our Banqueting menu, opening Wilderness Festival. Another lifetime memory for sure. Myself and our crew plus Josh Katz from Berber, we can’t wait.