Free Range Dairy Goodness

You’re hearing a lot about sustainability at the moment, right? Thinking about the environmental impact of everything we do has always been important to us, but our approach to sustainability goes beyond that – it’s about building resilience for local people and our community, as well as protecting the environment and preserving resources.

One example of how we are putting words into action is our new milk supply, which comes from the Johns family at Carvannel Farm near Portreath. When we heard about the luscious goodness of this ultra-creamy milk, we were keen to use it at Canteen.

The Johns family has always been committed to keeping their cows in fields (not so common these days, sadly) and so decided to join Free Range Dairy Network and put the Pasture Promise logo (certifies that cows must be free to graze for at least 180 days a year) on their bottles. Not all milk is created equal, and this single-origin stuff is awesome thanks to all that Cornish grass basking in sunshine and freshened by the ocean breeze. Twinned with Origin Coffee, it doesn’t get any better!

However, our new-found love for the cows of Carvannel left us with a problem – what about our lovely milk man Craig? Ruthlessly cutting people out is not our bag, so we asked Craig whether he could source the milk from the Johns family for us. Now Craig rocks up everyday with Free Range Dairy bottles and everyone in the chain – cow to customer - is happy.

You can also enjoy free range milk in the form of Frozen Custard Co., as these guys source their milk from the same clifftop-grazing herd. Now that is lush!