Recipe: Roasted courgette with chilli and mint, Duchy Charcuterie N’duja and proper flat breads

Courgette comes in such abundance throughout the summer that we end up using it in a huge variety of ways.

Courgette flowers are a real treat if you can get your hands on them – especially if you’ve grown your own. Try stuffing them with whipped feta or goat’s cheese and walnuts, and drizzling with a bit of honey (if you’re feeling indulgent, tempura them and deep fry).

Courgettes are also delicious served trifolati-style, which means thinly sliced and quickly fried or grilled in olive oil, garlic and herbs, then dressed in cider vinegar or lemon.  

In this recipe the courgettes are roasted – another great way to serve this most versatile of green veg. This dish also features some of our good friend Marc Dennis’s N’duja. This is a soft salami originating from Calabria in Southern Italy – it has a spicy kick to it which we love, and a little goes a long way. You can find N’duja at Canteen, or contact Marc at Duchy Charcuterie for details of other stockists.

This is a brilliant salad, anti pasti or side to grilled meats.

Roasted courgette with chilli and mint, Duchy Charcuterie N’duja and proper flat breads



Start with the breads (our colleague Keith makes legendary flatbreads – this is his recipe):


500g of strong white bread flour

20g of fresh yeast

A good glug of olive oil

12g of salt

8g of sugar

255ml of luke warm water.


Mix the sugar, salt and flour and then crumble in the yeast. Make a well in the flour mix and add the water. Now mix together and knead until the dough comes away clean from the bowl. Add the oil and turn out onto a work surface, working the dough until it feels springy and smooth. Rest in a warm place covered with a damp tea towel.



1 kg of small firm courgettes

50g of fresh red chilli

A handful of mint

Secret Orchard Cider Vinegar - a good glug

Salt and pepper to taste

Excellent olive oil – such as Mothers Garden


Cut the courgettes length-ways into 1/4s and roast in a hot oven. When brown at the edges and soft (this takes around 10 mins) remove from the oven and dress with the cider vinegar and oil. Now add the chilli in slithers and tear in the mint. Set this mixture aside to marinade and season when it is room temperature.

For the flat breads you will need a frying pan and a medium heat.

Divide the dough into 60g balls and roll flat with a pin, you can use a little oil if sticky, but steer clear of flour. Pop them in the pan one at a time and watch them pop up, turn them every now and then and store on a plate on top of each other so they steam slightly.

Place a flat bread on a plate and brush with the N’duja, pile on the roasted courgette and top with a little more mint and some olive oil.  

Other ingredients we can’t wait to get our hands on this month:

Broad Beans:

When broad beans are new season they are delicious raw, no need to double pod! We like to use them like Edame beans and serve them with a little salt as crudités.


Believe it or not, gooseberries are excellent with fish like mackerel, as they balance and cut through the rich oils. We simply lightly pickle them and serve like a chutney.

Queen Scallops:

Hand dived and fresh, we use scallops as a ceviche. Simply cut the raw scallop into discs and season with lime juice, salt and a little chilli. So simple but so special.